Introducing Maple Leaf Prime®

Raised Without Antibiotics

Why introduce Maple Leaf Prime® RWA?

Consumers are shifting more towards chicken for its health benefits (#1 protein in Canada).

62% of Canadians are actively avoiding foods with antibiotics or hormones.

69% of Canadians are strongly aware of fresh chicken raised without antibiotics, and are looking for a choice.

We have listened, Canadians care about where their food is coming from. That is why we ensure the highest care in bringing our Maple Leaf Prime® chicken to you and your family – food that you can trust and of the highest quality. We are proudly raising the game with our new line-up of Maple Leaf Prime® Raised Without Antibiotics chicken. What does this mean? Let us tell you more.

Raised without antibiotics

Raised without antibiotics means no antibiotics ever.

Vegetable grain fed with no animal by-products

The chicken feed contains no animal by-products, and only vegetable protein like soy, in addition to its corn based diet.

Canadian farm

Raised on Canadian farms ensures freshness from independently trusted farmers.

Air chilled

Chicken that is chilled with air, not water, to hold chicken’s natural flavour and keep it tender and juicy.

Humanely raised

In keeping with our commitment to animal welfare, all chickens are humanely raised, and free to roam in barns with access to water, food and play 24/7.

Fresh never frozen

Our chicken is never frozen and always fresh.


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